clicker1 Class Response Systems, or clickers as they are commonly called, are an interactive technology that enables instructors to pose questions to students then immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. Students send-in their answers using remote transmitters (clickers), available at the UNO bookstore. Laptops, smart phones, and tablets with clicker apps installed may be used in lieu of a clicker devise where permitted by the course instructor. Student responses during a clicker session are collected, tabulated, and results are passed to the campus Learning Management System, Blackboard, for viewing and/or grading by the instructor.  Clickers are also commonly used for formative assessment to monitor student learning via direct feedback – the clicker responses to the questions posed by the instructor.


  • Platform flexibility: Responses can be gathered using hand-held clickers or via a clicker apps installed on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Clicker software is preinstalled in all Hi-Tech classrooms supported by UNO Information Services.




  • Requires license and purchase of a clicker for students that do not own an device capable of using the app or if the mobile device use is not permitted in class.



Best Uses



Pedagogical Goal



Getting Started
Contact Information Services’ Academic Partnership for Instruction (API) at or 402-554-2024 for information on the use of ‘clickers’ for Instruction and assistance in getting started.


Training Available
Information Services’ Academic Partnership for Instruction (API) offers an Introduction to Turning Technologies Classroom Response Systems training session in both the Fall and Spring Semesters, or one-on-one sessions upon request.  Check the API Calendar for upcoming training or contact API at or 402-554-2024.

Additional self-help materials or tutorials can be found at:



Local Contact for More Information
For setup, training, and troubleshooting contact Ted Turgeon or email or call 402-554-2024.


Delivery Mode for Students
Students participate in clicker sessions as part of in-class, group work.   Access to the tabulated data from sessions is available via Blackboard and may include a record of attendance or scores from tests and quizzes that were taken with clickers.  The data students can view from sessions is individualized: they will only see their own information.


Individual or Group?
Clickers are a group response technology that is primarily used to monitor student learning via direct feedback.  This method helps the instructor recognize where students are struggling so that these problems areas can be addressed more quickly.


Collaborative Functionality
Collaborate efficiently and easily in ‘Live Clicker Sessions’ that include on-campus classes, large presentations, and departmental meetings.  Questions delivered with clicker software can include audio, video, and images.  They can be integrated with PowerPoint slides or displayed using the base software – with responses gathered via hand-held clickers or mobile devices using a app.  Responses derived during a clicker session are captured into a database and can be viewed as a report or uploaded to Blackboard.


Confidentiality/Security of Data
Data from a clicker session is passed through the Turning Technologies Building Block within Blackboard and is encrypted.


Synchronous or Asynchronous?
Clicker use is synchronous with students or other audience members using hand-held remotes (clickers) or virtual-clickers (apps) on mobile devices to respond to questions posed by a presenter and displayed on a viewing screen. The responses are tabulated as they come-in with the results displayed graphically on screen for further discussion. (See Delivery Mode for Students and Collaborative Functionality for more information.)


Recommend Level of Technical Competency
Faculty or staff that chose to adopt clickers will need to acquire competency in the use of Turning Point or CPS software, as well as, the registration and upload methodology used to pass results to Blackboard.


Learning Curve for Instructors/Creators
As with most instructional technologies the learning curve for clicker use lies somewhere along a continuum between beginner and expert.  The basic process of opening the clicker software and running a session can easily be learned in a one-hour training session.  More advanced use such as using the software from within PowerPoint, passing the results of each clicker session to Blackboard for grading, allowing access to each session from mobile devices, or creating reports will require a greater investment in time and a higher level of technical aptitude.


Assessment Feature

  • Formative Assessment: In-class polling and testing.
  • Summative: Aggregating results from clicker assessments allows instructors to assess student progress at the end of a semester or over several.



Assessing Learning
Clicker responses can be used to assess students understanding and synthesis of core concepts within a discipline.


Technical Specifications
In general, both the Turning Technologies and CPS clicker systems supported by Information Services can be installed for use on any modern computing system—and is preinstalled in the IS High Tech Classrooms.  However, if you wish to install the software on your machine and wish to determine if it will run effectively please consult the Technical Requirements details here:



Common FAQs, Tutorials, and Troubleshooting

For more FAQs, tutorials, or information on troubleshooting issues please search the Information Services Knowledge Base in Request Center.



  • Costs for physical clickers are determined by the type of clicker selected by the instructor—each vendor offers a range of clickers with different capabilities.
  • An Instructor Kit with a physical clicker is provided to adopting faculty free of charge.
  • First year usage license for the purchase of a physical clicker by students may be free: check with instructor.
  • Students using a clicker app on a computer or mobile device must purchase a usage license.
  • Current student costs at the UNO Bookstore: Clicker // ResponseWare License: mobile device use.



Level of University Support
Information Services installs both the Turning Point and CPS Clicker software on the computing systems in its own Hi-Tech Classrooms.  Download access allows faculty to install the latest version of all clicker software on their UNO office or personal computer.  In addition, IS maintains the clicker registration tools inside Blackboard.  (All supported clickers on campus must be registered through Blackboard to function correctly.)

  • Maintenance for malfunctioning clickers and/ or exchange, if needed, is provided by the vendor’s technical support staff.
  • For technical assistance with Turning Technologies or CPS (eInstruction) clickers call: 1.866.746.3015. Or use their Support Page.




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