Quick Assessment Techniques

Classroom instructors may already be familiar with Minute Papers, the Muddiest Point and Background Knowledge Probes. These tools can be invaluable for gauging how well students absorbed the content in a class session. Just because you teach online doesn’t mean you can’t use these techniques as well. Here’s how to blend the techniques with tools built-in to Blackboard.13381213682075120699brain.svg.med

  • Minute Papers can be done as either Blogs or Journals. If you want the students’ writing to be private between her/him and you then opt for the Journal. After each content module ask students to post their response to a question such as “What was the most important thing you learned during this module?” or “What important question remains unanswered?” Encourage students to do this quickly and to be honest and require that they Continue reading

Active Learning in the College Classroom with Introverts in Mind


Clickers being used in classroom

I am an extrovert.  As much as I am an extrovert, my 14 year old daughter is NOT.  We’ve had numerous discussions on classroom activities and I’m dismayed at the difficulties she struggles with in class.  I have also done stand-up delivery both as an adjunct faculty member and in business training.  I’ve always watched and worried about the introverts.  Are they getting the information?  One might not ever know except for at test time if a test is involved.  I’ve wondered how do I engage the introverts without doing what they would probably hate the most by calling on them in a class room setting?

As to my freshman in high school.  She gets very frustrated with group assignments.  The group is usually given a limited number of minutes to come up with a group project.  They often make the decision before she has time to formulate her feelings on the subject.  To make things worse, per her words, “They pick something I wouldn’t have selected and then I end up doing most of the work!”.

Jennifer L. Faust & Donald R. Paulson from California State University, Los Angles have authored a paper on Active Learning in the College Classroom.  This paper is filled with ideas to incorporate in a lecture environment.  I’m not sure it answered my concern on how to help my daughter with the group projects or how to change a group project, but it has several items that I think might help a faculty member with the quieter in-lecture students.

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A Conversation with Dr. Patrick McNamara

On February 27, 2015 I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Patrick McNamara, Visiting Assistant Professor in the department of Political Science, and record some of his thoughts to share with the community. Dr. McNamara has been teaching online for about a year, including a graduate seminar dealing with Global Challenges. A recurring theme for Dr. McNamara is that of critical thinking. He has shared some of the resources provided in his Global Challenges course with us.


Decluttering and Organizing Digital Files in the Cloud

Cloud_computing_icon.svgHow often have you thought…Where did I save that file? Is it on Box? Google Drive? My Documents Folder? Or is it in Blackboard? Then, once you figure out where it was saved….do you have to navigate through folders and search to find the version you need to update? With so many storage options available, it is hard to remember where you saved the last version of a file you may have worked on.

Here at UNO, we offer Box and Google Drive for Cloud-based storage. You may also use Blackboard to store course documents and Microsoft OneNote to save your meeting minutes. Finally, you may have a laptop and a USB drive to store presentations and other documents. With so many devices and applications, it is easy to get lost and end up with multiple versions of the same file in different locations.
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